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CityPockets Presents to An Audience of 1,000 at the New York Tech Meetup

Right after a long Independence Day weekend, we presented at the New York Tech Meetup on Tuesday, July 5th at the NYU Skirball, which boasts 18,000 members and sells out 800-900 live tickets every month, with another couple hundred live streaming in. You can watch the video below (around the 1-hour mark)

The lineup that night was impressive: BioDigital Human, CityPockets,, Local Bonus, Skillslate, SnapGoods, Sonar,, VivaLaPlaylist, and Watchlr. Since this was the biggest audience I’d ever presented to, it was nerve wracking and really stressful trying to prepare for it, given that I had to move into my new apartment the prior weekend and had very little time to prep for it.

But alas, the presentation went over really well and had really positive reviews from the tech community. The highlight of the our demo was probably when our engineer David Guthu inadvertently showcased his appetite for cheesecakes, nail salons, and hot oil massages on our new mobile app, prompting this tweet from fellow NYTM-er, Seth Lasser:

And this:

In all seriousness, CityPockets was thankful for the chance to demo its app, and received much adulation at the reception. Here is the happy team!

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