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We’re Hiring Engineers!

Right after we closed our round of funding, our immediate focus was to hire key engineers to supplement the team. Apart from fundraising, hiring is probably the next (if not most) challenging part of building a startup. Articles such as these “Raiders of the Last Nerd” doesn’t make things any better in seeding higher salary expectations among technical talent. It creates a false sense of what startups can afford to pay these days and inevitably accelerates the burn rate of seed stage companies that can end up hurting everyone instead of help. The truth is that tech recruiters flood the job boards with “fake” job postings pretending to be startups offering really lucrative salaries, only to suck in a candidate with the lure of being exposed to multiple exciting startups and having multiple options on the table, thus greatly diminishing the chance of a candidate ever wanting to browse and apply to a job posting directly. It sucks for startups to be buried by ruthless and hungry recruiters looking to make 20-25% off the base salary of an engineer in this hot market. I’ve decided that I’d rather go through my own network, linkedin, etc than to work with a recruiter going forward. I’d also rather hire people who are truly passionate about working with us and believes in the product and the vision of the company.

If you know anyone who fit the bill below, please refer (there is a referral incentive!) them my way.

Full Time / New York
Lead Web Engineer

CityPockets ( is an exciting startup in NYC looking for our #1 & #2 engineering hires to be part of the early founding team.

We’re building an extensive platform using best of breed technologies including Rails3, jQuery, Redis, MySQL, Memcached, Unicorn, NginX and more. We are a huge proponent to experimenting with new technologies (such as MongoDB, WebSockets, Node.js, etc) and contributing back to the open source community. Come excited to contribute to a passionate, visionary team with deep experience and relentless drive.

CityPockets was incubated by LaunchBoxDigital and is seed funded by Great Oaks Venture Capital and a group of angel investors in NYC (read more on Tech Crunch ). Recent press on Forbes,LifeHacker andTheNextWeb.

What You’ll Be Doing:

  • Design, build and test core components of the CityPockets platform
  • Create innovative solutions to platform requirements; think outside the box to get things done
  • Optimize slow performing web transactions
  • Become a leader on the team; help grow and mentor new engineers

We Want You If You…

  • Are well versed in Ruby (or other scripting languages such as Python or PHP)
  • Have knowledge of mobile programming language (Java, Objective C)
  • Have system administration experience and can deal with database administration such as PostgreSQL, MySQL, or MongoDB
  • Can handle front-end development and get your hands dirty with HTML, CSS, JavaScript
  • Have experience scaling web applications
  • Have experience with Amazon Web Services (EC2, S3, etc)
  • Have experience developing APIs

And Even Better If You…

  • Have contributed to open source projects or side projects
  • Have experience in Test Driven Development
  • Have coded with Haml/Sass/CoffeeScript
  • Have knowledge of JavaScript MVC frameworks like BackBone.js
  • Have used testing frameworks like Capybara, Cucumber, RSpec

Why Work at CityPockets?

We are huge advocates of promoting entrepreneurship and leadership at our workplace, and we’d like to attract team members that are passionate, ambitious and want to make a real impact that is immediately visible. We want to contribute as much to your personal development as you contribute to the company. At CityPockets, you will learn to take risks and push the limits with a group of hardcore entrepreneurs, experienced advisors and investors.

Benefits and Perk:

  • Competitive salary
  • Stock options
  • Healthcare
  • Allowance for Apple hardware
  • Free meals and snacks at work
  • Cool office in Chelsea
  • Open and creative environment
  • Flexible Hours
  • Startup/Entrepreneur Mentorship

How to apply:

Please send your resume to  and let us know why you’d be our perfect enginerd. If available, please include a link to a web app that you’ve built in the past.

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