breadcrumbs: a series of connected events

Takeaway from Caine’s Arcade

If you haven’t already watched this short film, do it right now. It will leave a lasting impression.

Call me a wussy, emo, girly, whatever, but I can’t remember the last time I shed so many tears after watching a video, yet alone bawl with so much emotion. Every time I think of Caine, I feel my nose tinge and my eye ducts swell a little.

The little boy showed so much innocence, genuineness, curiosity, persistence, creativity and heart in what he was doing. He wanted to do the “right thing” or the thing that he cared most about, regardless of what others thought. He didn’t mind that it was lonely sitting out in the garage; he kept going even when no one showed up at the door. It was tough, but he never gave up because he believed in it and hoped that one day people would see through all his creativity and thoughtfulness. He cared so much about the details, but those details made all the difference because people do notice the little things. And all he needed was one person to notice him, who would be his advocate to the world. His work and courage inspired others to want to see him succeed. And in the end, when everyone finally showed up, he made the tear jerking statement that would tug at any entrepreneur’s heart, “I thought they were here for me, and they were.” It was so sincere, inspring and it touched my heart. Because Caine’s Arcade reminded me of me.

I went out for a run on the pink bridge, and couldn’t stop crying the whole time. Even though I’d cried on Will’s (see prior blog post) shoulder the night before watching this, the effect lasted throughout the rest of Sunday. I guess I just needed to cry those tears I’d been holding back for so long, all those moments I tried to be so strong that it unknowingly stripped some emotions out of me. It’s hard, really hard, but that’s why not everyone’s doing it.

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