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Call Me, Maybe?


I would love to connect with you and help in whatever way I can, but would appreciate if you can reach me through – you can click on the box above to schedule a call with me with a small fee (so that I know you’re serious and you know I’m serious). So far, I’ve taken 40+ calls and have a perfect 5.0 star rating from everyone who’s called me for advice. Thank you!

Reviews (source:

  • Very constructive call despite poor connection over skype. Strong feedback on my business idea which adds much value to my startup process.

    Irina Clemens


    Cheryl is very knowledgeable, would highly recommend.

    Firoz Lalani


    Cheryl was super easy to talk to, very well-prepared for our call, and gave me confidence about the next steps I need to take with my idea, testing, and company.

    sid henderson


    It was very helpful for a student still trying to figure out his career options. Cheryl even directed me to a friend of hers for further advice. The waiting music was bad though.

    Dung Bui


    Very grounded. Excellent advice. She knows her stuff.

    Raj Lahoti


    Cheryl had insightful things to say to the questions I asked. She’s obviously very knowledgable when it comes to startups. The feeling I got while talking to her was that she’s very generous and cares about my project.

    Carliff Rizal Carleel


    Speaking with Cheryl was extremely beneficial. Not only did she quickly understand our business concept, but she provided us with actionable advice for the current stage we are in. I would highly recommend Cheryl to anyone who is building a new business or looking to take the next step in their business. Thank you Cheryl!

    Kyle Demmin


    Cheryl Yeoh is the mentor we all need. She heard my complex idea, and in one phone call she was able to put together a step by step strategy which will be implemented. Then, my injuries from the hit and run accident put all on hold. Her plan is still relevant today because she sees the future. She understood the reason for the speaking tour and she listed a series of ideas to streamline and monetize it. She is a mission driven entrepreneur. She cares about ideas with ideals. You’ll be amazed!

    Sam Botta


    Cheryl had some good feedback and ideas to share

    Sylvain Gauchet


    My call with Cheryl was delightfully rewarding. She provided insightful input on a number of key areas that I have been considering for my early stage startup. Her questioning of my business model led to great conversation around alternative ways to monetize. Our discussion really helped me to see additional ways of addressing key pain points for my target audience. I highly recommend Cheryl!!

    Steve Arnold


    Cheryl was great to talk to! She is very knowledgable about the couponing space, and she has great stories from her experience at She shared great insights that helped with our business strategy. She is the best!

    Casey Kerr


    My first Clarity call. What a joy!

    Cheryl was delightful, helpful and thought-provoking. She quickly gave me relevant advice and went beyond the call of duty following up with further thoughts and suggestions via email.

    Thanks Clarity and thank you Cheryl.

    Charlie Osmond


    Cheryl proposed a lot of questions we weren’t even thinking about and really challenged us to validate our product prior to a launch. Excellent call and we’ll definitely be giving her another in the near future. 5 stars!

    John Loughrin


    Cheryl was awesome. Great perspectives!

    Jay Leishman


    Cheryl helped me understand some core UX issues quickly and has the right experience to help. I’ll be talking with her again.

    Andy O’Dower


    Loved how Cheryl wanted to understand my specific problem before offering up any advice. Signs of a great entrepreneur/expert! Can’t wait to implement here suggestions.

    Chas Wagner


    Cheryl was able to answer my questions quickly and with great detail. Would call again.

    Nick Jessop


    Cheryl offered very specific advice on how to achieve my goals. She was completely authentic and gave me extremely insightful analysis. Thank you Cheryl!

    Alice Ko


    Cheryl was amazing, provided me with great tips and helped me a lot. Would call her again!

    Gil Tamari


    Cheryl is an experienced person who gives no nonsense advice.

    Syed Shuttari


    Great conversation on story development, Highly recommend a call with Cheryl

    Chase Barmore


    Cheryl was very helpful in not only giving advice but also in giving me introductions to others that could further help me with my questions.

    Brett Rakestraw


    Cheryl provided very helpful feedback. I recommend her for help with developing customer acquisition strategies.

    Glen Moriarty


    Awesome! Even in the short time I had Cheryl on the phone, I was able to take away a tremendous amount. Highly recommend talking to her. Thanks again

    Chris Joannou


3 Responses to “Call Me, Maybe?”

  1. Kim Chuan Koay

    Hi Cheryl.

    Congratulations to you for taking the bold step to come back and take on the challenge of being the CEO of MaGic, just a couple of doors away from my office. 🙂

    A very noble effort indeed. I’m rooting for you to be successful in your new venture, for the sake of the country and the youth of today.

    Malaysia is at the crossroads. We need to break away from the shackles of the old ways and chart a new course for our country and it’s people. There will be folks that will not want this change to occur and will surely throw challenges in your way. I pray that you will be be able to navigate through them staying strong and resolute.

    Back home here, I fear that you are likely to hear comments such as “this is not how we do things” and that the pace of action is much more slower, all examples of the legacy systems that has been entrenched into the Malaysian psyche, inherited from the generation before us to us and now passed on to those that follow us.

    I wish you well in your future endeavours to break this cycle and make a mark to change this country of ours for the better. May you be blessed to have like minded people at your side with the same spirit and desire that shares the same vision. And lastly, from your writings and posts, I sensed you possess a strong core of values and hope you will be able to inspire more “Cheryl Yeohs” of the future, regardless of ethnicity and all other labels.

    Yours sincerely,

  2. Chris Dawson

    Hi Cheryl,

    My name is Chris Dawson and I am a writer for Cornell Engineering. I have been creating a website for the college so that students, professors, and alumni have a one-stop resource for all things entrepreneurial. In doing research for the site I came across several articles about you and your work.

    I would like to write a story about you for the Cornell Engineering Magazine and website. If this is something you are interested in, please let me know. The easiest way to reach me is through my Cornell email address–

    Thank you for your consideration of this request.



  3. Mike Livingstone

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    We hopefully look forward to hearing back from you.”


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