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 From my TEDxKL Women Talk in December 2013 entitled: Success Begets Passion, Not The Other Way Around.

Innovators on the Move: Cheryl Yeoh (by unpakt)

In November 2012, I secretly and unofficially moved from New York City to San Francisco. A lot of my friends didn’t even know that I moved since I never announced it; especially when I still kept my apartment in New York and go back frequently. I guess I like being bi-coastal. Unpakt helped me with some cross-country moving expenses, although I left most of my furniture behind and threw out a lot of junk that I’ve accumulated over the years. Since they are such an awesome service (everything went smoothly), I agreed to let them chronicle my move in a video documentary format to help them promote their site. I think it turned out okay (always embarrassed to see myself on video!). What do you think??

This video went live on Tuesday, February 19th, 2013 on The Daily Muse.

I’d like to thank the talented Katina Hubbard who filmed, directed and edited the video. Through the 4 days of shooting, I’ve become friends with her and hope that our friendship goes beyond this documentary! I’d also like to give a shout out to Jenna Weinerman from unpakt who helped me sort through some of my receiving hiccups at my SF apartment while I was away in Slovenia.

Video Pick: Inside the World of Entrepreneurs

Many entrepreneurs find themselves moving a lot: moving to a new city, moving up, moving on. Cheryl Yeoh, founder of CityPockets and ReClip.It, not only understands this fact about entrepreneurial life, she revels in it.

In this short video, watch as Cheryl prepares for a move from NYC to San Francisco and reflects on her journey so far, the lessons she’s learned, and all the places she has yet to go.

See the original post here.

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