Fashion Video

In February 2012, I did a fun modeling gig for Carrie Parry’s timeless, elegant Fall 2012 collection. I love Carrie’s sophisticated style and concept that’s rooted in sustainability and wearability.

Carrie Parry: The Self-Portrait Project Behind The Scenes

Catch a glimpse of me at 0.42

The photography session took place at Running Rebel Studios in Brooklyn, NY and the video + music was done by Nicholas Parish. I really like how Carrie chose to use regular girls as to model her new line. It goes to show how down-to-earth her style is. I also loved that we did a self-portrait feature, where we basically had a remote control camera clicker and a two-way mirror in front of us to take our own shots. By making the model & photographer one and the same, the project is a novel recreation of the photographic act.

While it was a little challenging to direct our own shots since few of us were professional models, it was certainly fun to try out random poses! The self-portrait method is the brainchild of photographer Andy Lin, who was there to provide minimal direction but played a crucial part in setting everything up.

Yeah, they changed my last name to Yeah!

Here’s my Facebook album of the final shots for Carrie Parry:

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