Recorded Class

Caroline McCarthy and I taught a virtual class at General in New York on January 24th, 2013. All proceeds from this class went toward our fundraising efforts to help close the gender gap in education and literacy in Tanzania.

A 1-Hour Session on “How to Seal the Deal with Large Enterprise”

Caroline kicked off by giving tips about how to work with companies like Google from a big company perspective while I started my presentation at the 13th minute, giving specific pointers about how startups & smaller companies can approach the giants.

Our slides: Sealing the Deal with Large Enterprise from Cheryl Yeoh

Here’s the Eventbrite description of our class:

Striking the right partnership with Google, MTV, or American Express can help your product gain traction fast. This class will help you identify potential partners, tailor your product strategy, and make the pitch that will land your first, big deal.

Sharing real-world experience will be Caroline McCarthy (@caro), who is a Google+ Business Marketing Manager at Google, and Cheryl Yeoh (@cherylyeoh), who is a Co-Founder & CEO of Reclip.It.

Caroline and Cheryl are are traveling to Tanzania this February as global ambassadors for Ladies Trekking Week, an annual trip to the summit of Mt. Kilimanjaro organized by a group of European women with a dual aim of personal empowerment and social good.

If you enjoyed this presentation, we ask that you kindly donate $10 to our cause that will go toward improving literacy for children in Tanzania. Please donate here 

Thank you!

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