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get going

I found out about GetGoing (a YC company) in Fall of 2012 when one of my investors told me about them. I waited about a month to get invited into their beta. It was also around the same time our company’s official 2-year anniversary (from incorporation date: Aug 2010) so we decided to take a working trip somewhere warm. Upon searching “beach locations,” we saw a couple of Hawaii destinations and decided to pick two: Kauai and Honolulu. The round-trip prices of these two locations were super incredible, at about $222 per person! Bear in mind that we’re buying our tickets 3 days prior to flight time. All other hipmunk or kayak searches yieled prices that were at least $200-$300 more per person. So we booked it and ended up with Kauai. Not a bad deal at all.

how it works

GetGoing gets really cheap rates because airlines know they mostly only make money from “business” travelers or travelers who have to go to a specific location at a specific time. If they manage to identify you as a  “leisure” traveler who are price-sensitive and don’t really care where you go, they’re willing to offer you a much steeper discount. That’s why the GetGoing model works. It’s quite a genius idea, actually.

Instant Access

The site is currently still under beta, so the only way to get instant access it if you were to sign up via my link above. In addition, you get a $25 travel credit through my referral. Trust me, you won’t regret it!


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