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Thank You!

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Here’s a list of some of our larger donors that I personally want to thank before we leave for our Kilimanjaro charity climb. We couldn’t have done it without you, so thank you so much for contributing – every little bit helps:

Google Matching Program – $5520
Dato’ Lim Kok Boon – $1,128 (RM3,500)
Synnove Carlsson – $1000
Ramzi Mansour – $510

Dave McClure – $500
General – $450
Penny Ou – $322 (RM1,000)
Evan Gotlib, Ching-Mei Chen – $250
Jae Kwon – $234
Sam Gustin – $200
Aarthi Ramamurthy, Ruth Ann Harnisch
 – $150
Waine Tam – $130
Brett Welch – $120
Aaron Lefkove, Eli Chait, Diantie Persaud – $100

Maya Baratz – $80
Susan McPherson – $75
Sarah Branon – $65
Harry Heyman – $59
Brendan Lim, David Feinleib, Shawn Busteed, Mike Greenfield, Ming-Zher Poh, Kate Greer, Byron Hargett, James Kerstetter, Peter Moran, Andy Bussmann, Amelia Foo, Ed Roman, Danny Sullivan, Tom Spano, Andrew Lee – $50
Kapil Chhibber, Lauren Lyon, Vladimir De Franceschi, Alex Garcia-Osuna, David Cheng, Dawn Barber, Nathaniel McNamara, Nilofer Merchant, Tony Lai, Nick Douglas, Rachel Sklar, David Evans, Kevin Holmes – $40

Other Donors:

Buster Benson, Pamela Ames Radgowski, Hung Pham, Jason Zucchetto, Emily Doubilet, Noah Kagan, Kristine Lee, Patricio Morales, Matthew Moore, Richard Blakeley – $25
Malcolm Ong, James England, Jonic Linley, Chok Ooi, Walter Chen, Richard Aberman, Jae Yi – $20
David Beyer – $15
Amy Wu, Adam Quirk, Meaghan Byrne, Erin Lamberty, Matthew Shampine, Albert Ko, Rachel Vandagriff, Sarah Knowles – $10

Mom’s Line Dance Instructors
Sharon Lee
Mei Ling Leong
Jennifer Choo Sue Chin

Mom’s Line Dancer Friends

Jennifer Ho
Jaleine CLwong
Judy Lai
Daphne Ooi
Sally Goh
Winnie Loke
Paula Saw
Melinda Chen
Sherene Lam
Helen Loo
Margaret Koong
Lily Chin
JackieChan LN
Christine Wong
Lay Chin Lim
Jasmine Leong Ai Leng

Mom’s Former Schoolmates:

Annie Ooi
Tan Kiat See
Irene Ong Siew Ngoh
Elizabeth Au Yong
Dee Tan
Anne de Souza
Mee Siew Chan

Mom’s Church Friends:
Madam Wong
To’ Puan Lee Pin

Mom’s Sister:
Julianna Chan

Mom’s Personal Friends:
Dato’ Lim Kok Boon
Gurdip Singh

Dad’s Ex-colleague:
Penny Ou

THANK YOU so much for all your kind contributions!

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