Music Videos

Over the course of my three years as an entrepreneur, I’ve been lucky enough to snag a small cameo in two of these cool startup music videos:

Lucky Ones by Undrip: A Song to Celebrate Entrepreneurship Everywhere

You can catch a glimpse of me at 1.32 and again at 2.25.

I actually love the song and got really addicted to it! Great job, undrip. I guess I should be lucky to be included in a video with some pretty cool peeps like Tim Draper, Robert Scoble, Josh Felser, Alexis Ohanian, Brad Feld, Alfred Lin, David Weekly, and friends Brian Wong, Christine Tsai, Ted Rheingold, Josh Elman, Emily Olson, Micah Baldwin, and Justin Kan. It was a fun video to film… dancing in the basement and all… haha!

Don’t forget to donate to the cause behind the video, which goes to help small businesses that were affected by Hurricane Sandy.


Raise Cache: The Unofficial Music Video of NY Tech

See Min Kim and I at 0.20 eating ramen and dancing at work!

This video was produced by Rachel Sklar (of Change The Ratio) for Raise Cache, a sold-out fashion show/hacker benefit and included a lot of the New York startups **. I absolutely love the modified lyrics to the tune of Pink’s “Raise Your Glass”!

** Urtak, Piictu, Dispatch, Fashism, Racked, Foursquare,, The Daily Muse, Honestly Now,,, The, CityPockets, Bnter, LaunchPad LA, WantWorthy, 10gen, Sonar, The Difference Engine, Hashable, WellcomeMat, FrameSocket, Change The Ratio, Contently, NYTM, OnSwipe, KloudCo, Siftee, Hopscotch, Artsicle, Veri, TechStars, SideTour, TechCrunch, Aviary, Yipit, GirlDevelopIt, Elizabeth & Clarke, YouNow, Giftiki, Barbarian Group, Birchbox, Local Response, The Lean Startup Machine, Sailthru, Business Insider, Spark Capital, IA Ventures, HuffPost Tech, WSJ Social, The Daily, StockTwits, Uber, Wanderfly, Small Girls PR, Behance, BrunchCritic, Google, USV, WeFest, Guest of a Guest, RaiseCache, We Are NY Tech.

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